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Menswear Rental Company, Seasons, Wants You to "Try Before You Buy"

For years, women have enjoyed the luxury of rental couture. Through platforms (and now brick-and-mortar shops) like Rent-the-Runway women have been able to benefit from the ability to borrow gowns for formal events or cocktail numbers for holiday parties and returning them after they get a good wear and photo for the Gram. While rental tuxedos (I.e. ill-fitting suits in horrible early 2000s prom pics) have been common for men for decades, there has not been a service that offered men the same, high-styled, rent and return options as women – until now.

Founded in late 2019, a platform named Seasons has begun to engage a previously untapped market. The company, which encourages customers to “Try Before You Buy,” aims to engage male fashion lovers, offering them the chance to rent pieces from a range of designers and brands and return or swap them once worn. Historically, the menswear rental model mainly catered to weddings, but Seasons' founders Regy Perlera and Luc Succes are challenging the idea that stylish men have no interest in renting (at least some) of their wardrobe.

Despite launching their business right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit American shores, Perlera and Succes have managed to pivot their business strategy to continue growing their customer base. Originally launched in New York City (the original epicenter of the U.S. COVID crisis in early 2020), the company’s offerings soon expanded to other cities across the country as many NYC residents began to flee. In addition, they added additional membership tiers to make the brand more affordable for a larger spectrum of clients - and these changes have paid off, with the company seeing an 800% increase in membership at the end of last year.

Having established a solid footing in the menswear market, Seasons is further expanding its reach through a series of technical updates that will allow it to be fully functional across mobile and the web, as well as increasing the variety of products offered to customers. Specifically, with regard to brand assortment, members will have access to popular luxury brands such as Casablanca Paris and Jacquemus, streetwear brands such as Rhude, Black-owned labels such as Wales Bonner, and archival/vintage pieces from heritage houses such as Gucci and Dior.

Having raised $4.3 million dollars from several investors and VCs, Seasons has positioned itself to provide an enhanced experience for customers, aligning to the luxe-level of product offerings provided to members. The platform will also allow for members to review items in categories such as fit, quality and price point, which will help inform the items customers can choose from. For more information about Seasons, click here and you can check out membership tiers and pricing below:


  • 1 item, $65 per month

  • 2 items, $95 per month

  • 3 items, $125 per month

All Access:

  • 1 item, $105 per month

  • 2 items, $145 per month

  • 3 items, $175 per month

Photos: Seasons Website


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