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Morehouse Announces Online Undergraduate Experience for Non-Traditional Students

Morehouse College announced the planned launch of Morehouse Online, an online undergraduate program that will complement its heralded traditional on-campus experience.

Morehouse Online is the centerpiece of Morehouse's digital transformation and part of a strategy to create innovative and robust programs for non-traditional students.

"There has never been a more important time for the impact of Morehouse to scale," said Dr. David A. Thomas, president of Morehouse College. "The challenges we face as a society today require exceptional leaders with superior critical thinking skills, a high moral compass, and a tireless pursuit for a just world."

"These are the kinds of leaders we've been producing since our founding. We look forward to continuing educating and uplifting Black men and men of color. The accessibility of an online education allows us to deliver the Morehouse experience and education to countless men who can bring their light to the world in the same way alums like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Jeh Johnson, Spike Lee, Senator Raphael Warnock, and countless others have."

In partnership with 2U, Inc., a global leader in education technology, initial offerings will launch in August 2021 and will include a bachelor's degree completion program in business administration with a management concentration, as well as other disciplines.

"2U is honored to become Morehouse College's digital transformation partner," said Christopher "Chip" Paucek, 2U co-founder and CEO. "At a moment when the need for more accessible, high-quality post-secondary education has never been greater, we are excited to help such an iconic institution and HBCU bring its distinctive undergraduate degree programs online."

"The strategic vision of President David A. Thomas to create a global Morehouse will open the doors of opportunity and promise of a Morehouse education and its special community to men of all ages, regardless of geography, for the first time in the school's history."

Under the partnership with 2U, Morehouse will maintain control over hiring faculty, developing curriculum and course requirements, setting admissions standards and admitting students, as well as providing all academic instruction.

The Morehouse Online degrees will be powered by 2U's comprehensive technology and services, enabling Morehouse to deliver an intentionally designed online educational experience for both students and faculty.

These programs are designed for non-traditional students with existing college credit and adult life experience seeking to complete their bachelor's degrees, and to serve men who enrolled at Morehouse but left before completing their undergraduate experience.

"I left Morehouse to enlist in the U.S. Army in 1991," said Morehouse alumnus Travis Trammell. "I re-enrolled years later and came back to campus to earn my bachelor of science degree in biology as part of the class of 2001, graduating with honors and a 3.3 grade point average. As difficult as it was to stop and re-enroll, quitting was not in my vocabulary and certainly not an option. Had I been able to take courses online though, I would've definitely completed my degree even sooner."

Securing a bachelor's degree from a highly respected institution continues to be one of the clearest pathways to professional advancement in the U.S.

However, today, over 3.4 million Black men over the age of 25 in the U.S. have some college credit but no degree, or an associate's degree.

"Our world-class faculty are uniquely capable of using the expertise we have developed by producing transformative leaders for more than 154 years to make highly-relevant instruction available through cutting-edge platforms and delivery methods," Thomas said.

Morehouse expects to announce information on fully online bachelor's degree programs in the near future. Admission requirements, application procedures, and course offerings will be announced over the coming months.

Enrollment will open in spring 2021. Interested students can sign up to receive more information as it becomes available at


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