From YouTube to Netflix, King Vader Makes His Debut as a Mini-Series Director

Actor, content creator and director King Vader is a rising star known for Hidden Springs, Slasher Party, and the new mini-series Netflix Dreams. His career began with creating popular YouTube videos featuring iconic superheroes and anime characters in comical dance-offs. King Vader's talent for writing, directing, editing, and producing his videos landed him a deal with one of the top streaming companies, Netflix. His latest project Netflix Dreams is available for streaming on the Netflix YouTube channel.

In the mini-series, King Vader wakes up in a parallel universe and discovers he has superpowers. Along with starring in the lead role, he makes his directorial series debut.

King Vader's current partnership with the renowned streaming platform Netflix marks him as one of the youngest African American directors. He sets the bar high as an influential trailblazer and continues to thrive as an emerging talent in the entertainment world.

In an interview with QG, he discusses his journey from successful Youtuber to Netflix series director and more.