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[Giveaway] Game Night Just Got Real Black with "Lift Every Voice and Meme" Card Game

In the last 12 months, we have learned to appreciate time with friends and family more than ever. Serial entrepreneurs, master entertainers and HBCU grads Morgan and Kareem Hawthorne have created not only a game but an experience that you're bound to enjoy with Lift Every Voice and Meme. They say the game is the "baked mac and cheese, silk press, your favorite cousin, a fresh hairline, Forever First Lady of games. Basically, it’s Black and bomb AF."

Lift Every Voice and Meme comes with 320 caption cards, 102 photo cards, 15 remix cards, 1 meme easel and is meant for 3-15 players, who are 18+! You’ll pair hilarious pictures with wild and crazy caption cards to make some ridiculous and reckless memes of your own!

Enter to win a Lift Every Voice and Meme game set below. Also, check out their Kickstarter campaign to make a pledge so this game can be made for more to play.

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Gretta Bayron
Gretta Bayron
01 ago 2023

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