“Black Man, Get You Some Therapy” Episode 4 Explores Emotional Intelligence

When we think of how we heal, we often stick to the same topics and methods we know. In episode 4 of Black Man, Get You Some Therapy, our experts weigh in on a topic that often gets overlooked. Emotional Intelligence. The topic may be new to some, and others may not have known that being emotional in tune is a strength to practice in the healing process.

Here are key takeaways from Episode 4:

  • Emotional Intelligence is our capacity to be compassionate.

  • Emotional intelligence is our capacity to be empathetic.

  • As Men, Emotional Intelligence helps us have a more successful life

  • Those with a high sense of Emotional Intelligence know how others may be affected by their actions

  • Emotional Intelligence is when we can not only identify our emotions, but the emotions of others.