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"A" For Alpha Film is Shaking Up Gender Norms

With its hit run at the 2021 Toronto Black Film Festival, the relationship drama, A For Alpha, is ready to spark the conversation on gender norms. Directed by Greg Cally, the short film explores the relationship between Harrison, played by writer/producer Reggie Lochard, and Vanessa, played by DeShawn White.

In the film, we see the young millennial couple struggle to accept where they are in their relationship, and who plays what role based on societal and gender norms. An unemployed Harrison wanders through life searching for his place in Vanessa's life, as her career excels.

"There hasn't been many movies that address gender roles in relationships. I think it is well past the time to address this. Hollywood is used to pushing the leading man narrative, so this film feels very timely and what is already being discussed in society," Lochard mentions when asked about why it was time to tell this story.

The Quintessential Gentleman had the chance to catch up with the director and stars of the film to discuss gender norms in the Black community, the pressures to get it right, and why the story works.

Catch out the full interview below.

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