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How to Make a Small Living Room Feel Bigger

When you first moved into your home, you were likely able to arrange your living room in such a way that was just right. However, over time as you begin to accumulate more things and as you get more and more use out of the space, your living room has likely become a bit crowded and untidy feeling. This can happen all too easily, particularly in smaller spaces.

The fact is that the living room is the center of your home. With everyone making use of it at some point or another throughout the day, things are bound to be left out on a regular basis. In small living rooms, even just a bit of clutter can make it feel as though you don’t have any room left with which to sit and relax.

Thankfully, there are some creative approaches that you can take to your small living room that can provide you with more space and an overall more organized feeling. Here are just a few suggestions that can help you to make your small living room feel bigger.

Opt for Space-Saving Furniture

The first thing that you will need to address when your small living room feels like it is only getting smaller over time is the furniture that you have in it. Large, bulky pieces should be avoided, and you should make sure that you don’t have too many furniture pieces than your small space can adequately accommodate for.

This doesn’t mean, though, that you have to compromise on the amount of seating that you have in your living room. The best sectional sofa will allow you to have the amount of seating that you want without taking up too much space. Such a sofa can fit comfortably in the corner of your living room and give you enough seats that you can remove any additional chairs.

Other space-saving furniture ideas include ottomans that double as storage and shorter coffee tables. When you are looking to make a small space feel bigger, it can help to go with shorter furniture in general. This will allow for more open space and alleviate that feeling of overcrowding.

Choose the Right Colors

Another major factor that you should take into account when you want your small living room to feel bigger involves the color scheme that you decide on. Even if you love darker, richer colors, you should bear in mind that such hues can make a space feel small and cramped.

Lighter, softer colors are the way to go when you want a space to feel bigger. This is because such colors allow for more light to be reflected off of the surfaces of the space. You can always incorporate your favorite darker colors into the smaller details of the space, such as throw pillows and artwork. Just make sure to use lighter tones on the larger surfaces like the walls and ceilings. You should also look to use furniture that is light in color as well.


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