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What Are the Benefits of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card

Till yet, over thirty-three states and Washington, DC have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes. And eleven states besides DC allow citizens to use marijuana for recreational purposes. For residents of states that allow marijuana use for medical purposes only, a medical marijuana card is legally necessary for consuming it.

While you may indeed get your hemp stash from forbidden sources, it is required to stay legal or risk facing the consequences. The benefits that you get by obtaining a medical marijuana card are as follows:

It Gives You Legal Protection

It is legally necessary to have medical marijuana cards to use the drug in states that permit its use solely for medical purposes. And it is expected that you realize that being on the wrong side of the law if you don’t live in a state that allows marijuana consumption legally comes with associated risks. You can end up getting charged for felony or misdemeanor. The former is the charge you are likely to face if you are repeatedly found guilty of illegally possessing or using cannabis.

The Costs For The Cannabis You Buy Are Lower

Residents of states that permit recreational use of marijuana can potentially save a significant amount of money. This is done by obtaining a medical marijuana card (MMJ). The cost savings are exceptionally high for people who use marijuana genuinely for medical purposes. Many states that have made marijuana legal provide various financial incentives for you to sign up for a medical marijuana card. These costs can add up and amount to a significant figure at the end of the day. Some states have 25% fewer taxes for medical marijuana. Insurance policies do not cover the prices of many marijuana-based drugs. In such cases, MMJ cards can prove to be a real money saver.

Use Higher Potency Marijuana Products And Enhanced Limits

People who use marijuana for medical benefits know well how important it is to get the right dose to alleviate symptoms and diseases adequately. Often medical uses make it necessary for the patient to use concentrated cannabis solutions. You can get such high-potency cannabis products from medical dispensaries. However, you will need an MMJ card for more potent varieties of cannabis products. Additionally, you can also get higher amounts of the drug if you possess an MMJ card than otherwise.

Greater Limits On Possession and More Lenient Age Limit

Medical cannabis users can legally possess more amounts of the drug than recreational users. In California, this figure stands at eight ounces per person. In contrast, people without an MMJ card have permits for possession of a single ounce of the drug at the most. If you are talking about cannabis concentrate, this figure stands at eight grams.

Even states that permit recreational marijuana use has in place strict age restrictions, which is twenty-one. However, some US states adopt a more lenient policy for youngsters having a valid MMJ card and lower the legally permitted age to eighteen. Such considerate legal norms make life so much more bearable for people who need medical marijuana. Additionally, several states that allow medical marijuana also let minors consume the product with adequate supervision of a specified caregiver. It can often prove to be a lifesaver to many people.

To sum things up, the increasing adoption of marijuana for medical purposes is most welcome. It gives patients who are suffering from symptoms of particular diseases relief. Along with legalizing marijuana use, it is also important to regulate it. For medical purposes, this means an MMJ card, and this article enlightens you on why you should get one. Happy healing!


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