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Broderick Hunter Turns 30 and Shares 30 Things Black Men Should Know or Do By 30

Although turning 30 is just the beginning of "adulting", getting three decades under your belt can provide you with a lifetime of lessons. Life comes at you fast and being able to manage a career and a social life all while searching for your purpose can be exhausting. But around 30, you get a grip on it and start to manage it well. Someone who has just entered the "Dirty 30" club is Broderick Hunter.

Today Broderick turns 30 and from a successful modeling career to starring in hit TV shows like HBO's Insecure, he's definitely been putting in the work. Along the way, Broderick has picked up quite a few lessons and has given us 30 things he believes every Black man should know by the age of 30.

1. Finances

Be mindful of your credit score and always look for ways to make passive income.

2. Health

Eat greens as much as you can.

3. Grooming

Learning how to cut your own hair (you don’t have to be a pro) will save you a TON of money.

4. Fitness

Keep a good workout regimen. It’s also more fun and effective to workout with others with similar body goals. (Even if they’re ex-professional sports players and are not even of this earth.)

5. Love

It’ll find you, don’t go hunting for it. Focus on your energy wavelength, and you’ll attract who’s right for you.

6. Mental Health

Therapy is the best thing you can do for yourself. Look into it early, don’t wait.

7. Fashion

High fashion is great but you don’t have to spend a ton of money to look expensive. It’s what YOU bring to your look, not how much it costs.

8. Social Justice

You can help change a pattern by simply speaking up. Stand for what’s right.

9. Real Estate

Read up on different ways to own property/land or at least own a part of it.

10. Car Goals

If you want to drive a luxury car, that price sticker on the car is NOT EVEN CLOSE to the actual cost of the car once you add vehicle maintenance package, taxes, insurance and so many other expenses. Be prepared.

11. Life Insurance

Get life insurance early while it’s cheaper. It’s costs less than $15 monthly in some cases.

12. Family Values

Always check in on your loved ones. You’re never too busy to swipe, so don’t be too busy to dial (don’t text, call... even if they never call you.)

13. Friends

They will come and go. Focus on your vibrations, while others are on theirs.

14. Movies

Watch the Avengers as much as you can before you have a girlfriend that complains how much you watch the avengers.

15. Habits

Start seeing what bad habits you have and start slowly fixing them as you go. People love to hear about what you changed in your life to be where you are.

16. Traveling

Take pictures and enjoy new destinations. I’d rather spend money on a trip than new accessories or clothes any day. I wish I traveled more in my 20s. But if you have no desire to see the world.. go on and get them kicks.

17. Dating

Listen more than you speak in the beginning stages. You’ll learn much more about the person much faster. Then you can choose to either hit the door or stay for coffee.

18. Jobs

It’s ok to take a job because you need the money but always invest in what you want to do for a career.

19. “You get what you negotiate, not what you’re worth.”

20. Hair and Skin

Organic hair products are the way to go. It’ll help preserve your overall body health appearance.

21. Journal

Get in the habit of keeping daily thoughts and feelings in your journal. You’ll function better emotionally.

22. Vitamins

Biotin, B5 vitamin, vitamin c and any multivitamin is great with a shot of tequila in the morning. Or water. But that’s up to you.

23. Home

Your home, no matter the size, is your sanctuary. Protect it, invest in it and embrace it.

24. Plants

Plants are so alive that they make your home alive. Invest in plants and try your best not to kill them or you’ll be a failure as a potential parent. You got an ‘F’ in plant life. You don’t want that.

25. Spoil yourself

You spoil other people, spoil yourself sometimes. You work hard.

26. Words

Your words can never be taken back. Be mindful not of what you say but HOW you say it.

27. Karma

Look to do good to others. It reciprocates.

28. TV lights

Get one of those LED strip things for the back of your tv, changes everything.

29. Break Ups

Don’t get hung up too much on old energy in your 20s. It’s normal to feel a void but life gets better.

The healing process sucks but don’t let it slow you down for where better days exist. You’ll see why it wasn’t meant to be soon.

30. It’s bigger than you

You have a responsibility the older you get to be an example. Everything you do and how you do it will be observed by someone that looks up to you. In that exact time, it’s no longer about you. Be the example you wish to see. Iron sharpens iron.

Photo credit: Mark Leibowitz


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