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3 Creative Ways Fathers Can Educate Their Kids For Black History Month

Our history is Black history and as we enter February, highlighting how far we have come, teaching our kids our history remains an important lesson. With the pandemic still halting many in-person school days, virtually teaching kids Black history may present itself to be a big task.

Here are three creative ways fathers can educate their kids for Black History Month.

Readeo - Virtual Storytime Platform

Readeo is a patented platform that combines video chat with an award-winning library of kid's books. Choose from diverse books such as Let Freedom Sing, Here and There, Mama Panya's Pancakes, The 5 O’Clock Band, and more. Readeo adds new books every week and provides high-quality, award-winning books from top kid's book publishers such as Simon & Schuster. The membership allows 4 accounts to read the same book together. For example, grandma can have storytime with 3 of her grandchildren all accessed from different locations. Readeo also has a bookshelf feature so you can curate specific titles for different children. Provide an interactive way for your kids to read thought-provoking stories with family members and friends. Membership starts at just $9.99 per month with a free 14-day trial.

Price: Books starting as low as $4.99

MiJa Books is an online resource of children’s books that focus on multicultural themes. It’s at the forefront of showcasing literature that babies and kids identify with, brilliantly conveyed in stories by a diverse group of authors and illustrators. It’s your one-stop-shop for curated children’s board and picture books that feature children of color as the main characters. Browse through their fantastic multicultural collection that they’ve undercovered and select which of these gems to add to your child’s library. Now parents can easily search for what story their kid will read next and read book reviews of popular titles. From Hair Love to Skin Like Mine, there’s room for every type of story.

Lessonface provides live online music and language lessons with great teachers in a fun and secure environment for all ages. World-class music teachers and language experts conduct one-on-one and group classes via video conference.

Find the ideal teacher for your interest and style at

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Noel Mitchell
29 dic 2022

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James Siverson
James Siverson
26 dic 2022


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