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[Watch] New York Latino Film Festival's FUTURO Digital Conference

Last week, The Quintessential Gentleman produced the New York Latino Film Festival's FUTURO Digital Conference, which features forums spotlighting leaders and top social influencers in digital content (creators and distributors), mobile app companies and mobile technology leaders targeting the market.

Watch the panels below.

La Nueva Link: A Silla at the Table

This panel dives into the behind the scenes work to market relevant content to an underserved and underrepresented yet powerful Latinx audience. The panel can provide insightful tools for all of us asking for diverse representation in media and positions the issue of representation beyond the story, showcasing how crucial the boardroom is here as well.

The panelists included La Nueva Link's Deborah Renteria, HBO's Jessica Vargas, Con Todo Netflix's Andrea Gompf Browne, Univision's Claribel Herrera and Showtime's Amelia Capaz.

She is the Future: Women in Digital Panel

This group of women is the new wave of leaders that are creating a seismic shift in today’s culture by reclaiming women's history, freedom of artistic expression and equality. This panel will explore the behind the scenes of the industry as a woman content creator. They are women leading the charge and making a huge impact!

The panelists included Rapper Snow, Costume Designer Marci Rodgers, Founder of The Riviere Agency Lori Riviere and International Marketing for Sony Music's Chanel Auguste.

Like a Boss - Entrepreneur Panel

Engaging with your followers can be a lucrative business. Rather you’re running a start-up or simply sharing your quarantined life understanding how to navigate your market can be the key to success. Learn how these content creators strategically turned a post into their net worth. This panel will explore building brand awareness, growing your audience and the importance of collaborations.

The panelists included YouTube's AJ Ramos, The Gentlemen's Factory' Jeff Lindor, Mobi NYC's LaQuann Dawson, Streamlined Media and Communications' Ahmad Barber and Michis' Michelle Posada.

Digital Social Activism - A Trending Topic

What was once local news has now become national news when it spreads on social media. People are taking it upon themselves to create digital spaces to share content to keep the masses informed of the daily happenings of the world. This panel will explore digital media platforms and content producers and their social responsibilities to their followers and to the culture. Also addressing how they are using their platforms to speak out against the inequalities of people of color.

The panelists included TWPR/The CCNYC's Tequilla White, Bella Magazine's Jonathan Calixto, Media Strategist Trell Thomas, Nueva Yorka's Jessica Hoppe and The Quintessential Gentleman's Eric K. Thomas.


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