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Keedron Bryant Impacts Generations with his Powerful, Gifted and Impactful Voice

Being in the music industry sometimes can be very tricky. You deal with executives, social media drama, acceptance from your audience and so much more. These are things that people in our generation and older have experience dealing with. Unfortunately, young child and teen artists experience this too. Young artists such as Keedron Bryant came into the industry with power and extreme talent that transcends all those things.

Keedron entered into the spotlight by powerfully singing his song I Just Wanna Live amid the BLM protests that took place earlier this year. This young man's voice has the stamp of approval from the Obama's, which is extremely powerful! He went viral and has been a household name for being such a young and gifted voice during this movement. Fortunately, Keedron shows no signs of slowing down and plans to keep the momentum going to climb higher and higher on the ladder of success.

When asking Keedron what it felt like being a part of this powerful movement, he stated it "was a blessing and an honor." At a young age, Keedron already knows what police brutality and racism is. To me, that shows strength and power in who he is as a kid. Growing up, we don’t think about these things and we shouldn’t have to. Being in America can be a challenge because these brutal things happen every day. However, kids shouldn’t be subjected to it. Being a part of this movement is only half of what Keedron tackles every day. With him being in school and a recording artist, balancing it all may have become challenging. For Keedron, it's all about enjoying who you are and what you do.

“Since COVID-19 is around and spreading, I attend online/virtual school, so I’m always at home. Even though I’m a National Recording Artist, I still enjoy being a teenager by playing my video games, making TikTok videos, I still do chores and work in the yard with my Dad (lol). I’m handling my career as an artist very well, I think. I’m just doing what I love to do, no pressure,” Keedron shares.

Loving what he's doing isn’t the only thing that drives him in this industry. Keedron has a voice that motivates and uplifts this country. What he wants people to know and remember about him is that he made people feel powerful and motivated to fight until they reach the top. Since Keedron was 5 years old, he’s had a passion for music. Vocalists run in his family so he was continuously around it. It became embedded in him. Keedron has sang at school, church, sporting events, and much more. Being in this industry has impacted him tremendously because he’s learned so much about not only being a singer but being a role model as well. He sees himself now as an artist and not just a singer and for him, being able to meet several different people is the icing on the cake.

To check out Keedron's new project, click here.

Creative Direction: Kharmony Fortune

Photographer: Brandon Tabiolo

Groomer: Rasheeda Ameera

Stylist: Apuje Kalu


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