"Ain't Too Proud" Stageplay Actor Saint Aubyn Talks Playing Dennis Edwards of the Temptations

Since 2017, Saint Aubyn has been entertaining fans across the country as lead singer Dennis Edwards in the stageplay Ain't Too Proud: The Life and Times of the Temptations. Like the frontman himself, he is using his voice to inspire, entertain and wow audiences alike bringing that Motown magic to life. Off the stage, Saint has dedicated his voice and platform to publicly shed light on issues surrounding social injustices and is committed to being a positive representation for the next generation.

As he prepared for the role of Dennis Edwards, he drew from childhood memories of living in Brooklyn, New York, where he was exposed to music from artists like The Temptations, which refined his taste for the arts and gave him a sense of style. Conducting countless research on interviews and live performances, Saint learned and studied everything that was needed to become Mr. Edwards.

The stageplay initially launched as a small tour in California and Canada before heading to New York. This has allowed him the opportunity to develop and perfect his role before embarking on the journey and facing the pressures that Broadway brings. "You have to do your best to honor what the fans know, but honor who the Temptations were to the world and who they were to each other. We do our best to tell an authentic story," Saint shares.