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Osagiele Eromosele Infuses His Nigerian Roots into His Clothing Line, Lunkara

With the eyes of the world on Nigeria in recent weeks, and the End SARS movement (mainly involving younger Nigerians) capturing headlines, the importance of highlighting young, gifted Nigerian and Nigerian-American talent across different industries and walks of life has become ever more pertinent. One such talent is Osagiele Eromosele, a veteran fashion liaison who has served as an analyst for major corporations such as The Gap and Toys R Us. Recently, he moved from simply working with brands to starting his own, an empowerment collection named Lunkara. The products that fall under Lunkara, a word which means "nothing will break your spirit," represents Eromosele’s life experiences, culture and determination to succeed.

Osagiele Eromosele | Photo: Courtesy of Lunkara

Lunkara aims to bridge the designer’s Nigerian lineage with elements of modern fashion. The brand’s anchor collection is named Ankara. Ankara first started with three selections of face masks: Benin, Irrua, and Lagos, which are three Edo states in southern Nigeria. The collection has since grown to include custom t-shirts, eyewear and accessories. Eromosele proudly incorporates elements of his Nigerian heritage into his products, with the brand’s t-shirts incorporating African proverbs on the back. These elements have made the Lunkara popular amongst social media influencers and television stars alike.

Photo: Courtesy of Lunkara

With everything that has occurred this year, including End SARS and the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement, now is definitely the time to "buy Black." And with the holidays right around the corner be sure to take the opportunity to shop here and gift your loved ones something from this up-in-coming Black-owned brand.

Photo: Courtesy of Lunkara

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