The President of Morris Brown College Says HBCUs Pour Into the Black Middle Class Like No Other

Morris Brown College recently announced that its application for accreditation was approved, which will allow students to receive federal financial aid. Additionally, student degrees will be recognized by other schools and/or employers. Once Morris Brown College receives its accreditation, it will be the only HBCU to gain back its accreditation after have lost it.

We recently spoke with Dr. Kevin James, the president of Morris Brown College, about the school's accreditation, the importance of HBCUs and what support looks like from the federal government.

On why HBCUs are important, Dr. Kevin shares that they continue to pour into the Black community.

Look at the data. 80 percent of Black judges come from HBCUs. Black doctors, Black lawyers, Black dentists, Black pharmacists, Black teachers, Black STEM folk, Vice President-elects of the country. What HBCUs have done for this country, no other institution pours into Black middle class like HBCUs.