Learn Why Entrepreneur Matt Talley Will Have You "Diggin' Thru The Crates"

For Matt Talley, an internship with local artists evolved into an opportunity to channel his entrepreneurial spirit. A hip-hop enthusiast at heart, Talley embraced his passion for music and created his own business. The record shop, Cool Kids Vinyl, appeals to an eclectic taste by offering vintage records and magazines. In addition, Talley decided to provide patrons with the interactive hip-hop exhibit known as Diggin’ Thru The Crates. This unique experience not only allows participants to be immersed in music culture but also Black culture. As an all-around creative soul, his interests go beyond just music and venture into the field of writing. During a chat with QG, Talley shares his story, discusses his book, and plans to keep his business afloat in the current pandemic.