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Jake Smollett Shares Tips for Hosting the Best Holiday Parties

As we prepared for the holiday season, one of our favorite Lifestyle influencers, Jake Smollett joined us on our Instagram Live. Jake is the youngest member of the Smollett family and along with his siblings, got his start acting over two decades ago. Since then, Jake has grown into his passion for the culinary arts and crafting.

Jake has a hit TV show with his sister Jazz called Living By Design on Cleo TV and his YouTube Series Raw with Jake Smollett. Coming from a family that appreciated the art of cooking, Jake shared stories of his upbringing and what the holiday means to him. Jake shared a few tips and suggestions on hosting a great holiday party like preparing as much in advance as you can so you can enjoy your guests as well as providing a welcome cocktail for guests. He also shared with us his recipe for Carmel Apple Empanadas, which you can find on his website.

Check out the full demonstration below.

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