Honoring Notable Black Veterans for Veterans Day

While Black people have served in the armed forces since the beginning of this country, it's rare for them to get recognition for their contributions. With Black people starting to get recognition for what they've done in all facets of American life, it's only right to honor Black veterans for Veterans Day.

Americans take numerous opportunities to celebrate veterans, but Veterans Day is particularly special because it allows all military servicemen, past and present, to be honored at the same time.

Since it's not easy to spot a former member of the armed forces out of uniform, we've compiled a list of notable Black people who are veterans.

Before Berry Gordy Jr. became the founder of Motown Records and one of the first Black music moguls, he was a high school drop out who wanted to become a professional boxer. In 1952, Gordy was drafted into the United States Army to fight in the Korean War where he served for a year.