Hennessy Announces Second Phase of Unfinished Business Funding for Black, Asian and Latinx Companies

Hennessy announced an additional $1 million investment in Unfinished Business, an initiative introduced in June 2020 to help Black, Asian and Latinx owned small businesses with the financial and educational resources to power through the challenges of COVID-19.

Unfinished Business was established as a long-term small business program in response to the pandemic, with a goal of bolstering an equitable recovery for those of culturally diverse backgrounds.

"Unfinished Business reflects our commitment and allyship to polycultural communities nationwide," said Giles Woodyer, senior vice president, Hennessy US. "Response to the program has been tremendous and we are honored to continue supporting the resiliency of these pillars of community, during the converging health, social and economic crises, and beyond."

Earlier this year, Hennessy's first round of grant funding was met with overwhelming response and the initial contribution of more than $3 million was distributed to over 1,250 small businesses hit hardest by recent economic upheaval.

Most grant recipients stated that the funding was used to help pay for operating expenses to keep businesses running, payroll, technology upgrades, PPE, utilities and more.