Former Basketball Player Greg Jones II Grooms Athletes with his Company G2 Hoops

Greg Jones II is a former basketball player that was able to turn his passion on the court into a business off the court. He has always been a creative hard worker, which is why it was important to start the G2 Hoops, a sports marketing & event management company specializing in creating a platform for exposure at the grassroots basketball level. G2 Hoops also offers skill development training (on the court), speaking engagements, camps and merchandise. Greg's commitment to excellence on and off of the court don't go unnoticed as Greg has already groomed international athletes as well as the youth right in his own back yard.

Learn more about Greg in the interview below.

How did a young Black guy from Gary, Indiana become someone with international clients?

I was on LinkedIn one night and a gentleman sent me a message asking if I could watch a game film of a college prospect from the 2012 FIBA World Cup. I said sure. It didn't cost me anything to do that and I was always willing to communicate. At the time, you really didn't hear about players coming from Egypt so I didn't know what to expect. I watched the game film and the kid immediately jumped off the screen. His name is Ehab Amin and he finished the 2012 FIBA World Cup as one of the top 5 players. The other four were Jahlil Okafor, Jabari Parker, Dante Exum and Mario Hezonja who all would later become NBA Lottery picks.