NBA's Glenn Robinson III Deals With NBA Bubble Life

It wasn't your average NBA road trip.

In July, most of the NBA journeyed to the Orlando bubble in an effort to finish the season that was temporarily halted due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 around the nation -- and the world. The Philadelphia 76ers, just as the rest of the 21 teams eligible to play in the bubble, were set to play eight remaining regular-season games before eventually participating in the playoffs.

And one solid piece off the bench for the Sixers, small forward and shooting guard Glenn Robinson III, had his thoughts on the starkest reality, the bubble, as soon as he and his team touched down from the city of Brotherly Love.

"It was crazy," Robinson III said. "It was indescribable and I tell my friends now like, I'll be able to tell my daughter about this, tell my family about this, I don't know if there will be another bubble. ... They drop off the food, bang on the door. You would get your food out of the boxes. Hopefully, your chicken was cooked. Hopefully, it was good. But after that first week, it seemed to get better."

Robinson III said the experience eventually was incrementally better because there happened to be a barbershop that was built right outside of his door, there were six practice facilities to keep his game sharp and there was even golfing, among many other amenities.

When it was time to handle business, unfortunately, Robinson III suffered a hip pointer amid a scrimmage loss to the OKC Thunder on July 26 after falling on his back, which sidelined him for most of his time in the NBA bubble. He was then diagnosed with an oblique muscle strain just before the Sixers took on the Celtics in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs.