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Add This Extra Step to Your Daily Face Cleansing Routine

Men, it’s time to take your daily face wash routine to the next step. Somewhere along the way, I think we’re conditioned to think that our routine stopped after we’ve applied some sort of moisturizer to our face. Fellas, it’s time for us to go a step beyond our comfort and start investing in skin products that will keep us looking and feeling our best.

For some of you, the beauty isles are foreign territory. So I am going to recommend a new discovery that is available online and is a simple step to add to your daily grooming process. I wanted to test out the product for at least 7 days before sharing it with you all. As someone who is very consistent with a scheduled grooming plan composed of my must-have products, I am glad to say Magari by MNs "Liquid Youth" has passed my test and comes highly recommended.

Magari’s motto of journey deeper is exactly what I'm emphasizing! Their elixir formula known as the Liquid Youth delivers the results of a toner, a moisturizer, and helps rejuvenate the skin cells by serving as a pumping and firming agent. This 3-in-1 combination would work with anyone’s schedule or could even exist as an afterthought in case you forget to add it in your mornings. It gives a long-lasting glow and it's anti-aging. This lightweight mist is easy to apply and the minimal design aesthetic is perfect for all aspiring quintessential gentlemen.


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