Did You Know These Congressmen Were Also Men of The Divine Nine?

Let’s face it, this year’s election is very important. More than ever, Black people must use their voices to push for change in this country. With the COVID-19 pandemic at a high rate and the Black Lives Matter movement still relevant because of recent events, we need to have people in our corner in politics representing African American people.

Many organizations in this country aim for equality, service and development of people. One set of organizations is the National Panhellenic Council, also known as “The Divine Nine”, who represent these values tremendously. From fraternities to sororities, they all believe in the values of brotherhood/sisterhood, service to all mankind, scholarship, greater progress, achievement and so much more. These organizations have produced some of the most influential people in the world today. Particularly in Congress, these men that are being highlighted are in the fight for change for our country. Serving in Congress is not a game, it's something that requires willpower, action, and determination. Take a look at these African American fraternal men who use their voice for action and equality.

Sanford Bishop, Jr.

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

U.S. House of Representatives; Georgia's 2nd District