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These Black Men Set the Mood with Their Candle Lines

If you're like me, whether you're ready to relax after a nice long day or you're trying to set the mood, a candle can always aid in accomplishing that goal. We have come up with a list of some of our favorite candle lines that happen to be owned by Black men. Check out this list below.

Herburn Candles

"Starting Herburn Candle Company was simple, I love candles and the vibe it creates in a room. Secondly, It was a way to create a brand that I can pass to my daughter. Candles are a form of art for me and it allows me to create something that will bring joy to someone and their home. I can finally say that I have truly found my art!" - Brian Foster

This is Wardbody

this is wardbody is an active lifestyle brand for the everyday athlete. A brand whose mission is to build a new earth by enabling community members to awaken their life purpose. "Through the power of social and self-awareness, we at This Is Wardbody believe life tends to be lived and vastly experienced once we are aware of what we are living for." - Antoine Ward

The Sammie Collection, Simply Naked Candle Co.

A masterpiece of fragrances created by R&B Singer Sammie and developed from his thoughts, emotions, and experiences that arouse one's primary senses of sight, smell, and touch. The fragrances included in this collection are as follows: Pure Love, Pure Honey, Indigo, All Night and Peace.

4 AM Home Collection

"4 AM is my creative hour and actually started out as a t-shirt line. I was creating my own images to express different moods on the front of a t-shirt to inspire people to wear clothing that was connected to someone they actually knew. I didn’t have a lot of time to invest in it so I set it aside. Later on, in the year I moved to Atlanta and started my cleaning company, I knew that I wanted to keep the name and do something with it. I absolutely love candles, I light about 10 a night in my own home. So I decided to start a candle line." Marcus Labon

Better World Fragrance House

Owned by Multi-Platinum selling artist Drake, Better World Fragrance House is his newest business venture. Set to launch this holiday season, the line includes five scents, one entitled "Carby Musk" that is said to smell like drake himself. The masculine yet silk scent combines musk, cashmere, suede, and amber.

S.CENTS Candle Co

"When I started working with Trina Braxton we both realized he shared the same passion for candles and would go shopping for hours for them, and for years we would talk about creating our own. S.Cents Candles stands for so much between the both of us and I am thankful that we started this journey together and now we’re able to share it with everyone." - Lavonte "Taye" Dove This Elegant and Long-lasting candle line was developed by Taye Dove and Trina Braxton to Create the perfect ambiance. By adding S.Cents Candles to your home and office décor. Our fragrances are elegant and long-lasting.

Fella Candles

The candle line at F E L L A caters to a neglected candle-buying market (ahem.. the gentleman) by creating and packaging woodsy/unisex scents. Candles clue people into the present moment. Scents and smells have a way of triggering nostalgia, setting a tone that captures a specific moment in time. Like cleaning a house, lighting a candle at the end of the day was a positive and rewarding experience; it reminded Chauncey of the present moment - emotional relief and self-love/pampering. “Relaxed style, relaxed life”: F E L L A was created around this concept of improving mental health and Chauncey’s mantra of positivity in life and in products that promote positive messaging. Created by Chauncey H. Robinson.

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