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  • Monique Howard

Below Deck Mediterranean's the "Southside" Group Discuss Family, Careers and Brotherhood

Season 5 of Bravo TV’s Below Deck Mediterranean "Southside" episode offers a diverse group of travelers and self-made entrepreneurs known as the “Southside” group. Viewers are introduced to four married couples: The Footes, The Bramwells, The Grahams, and The Lowes. The episode highlights how affluent people of color can succeed in growing a business and enjoy luxury trips to exotic locales. They not only excel professionally but also in their personal lives through building lasting relationships and overcoming the obstacles of attending school in the crime ravaged neighborhood of Southside Jamaica Queens.

In an interview with QG, Sean Foote, Richard Bramwell and Corey Graham discuss some of their life experiences and how they reached the point where they are today. Here are a few excerpts from the interview.

(Left to right: Richard Bramwell, Sean Foote, Corey Graham)

Friendship and family values are at the heart of the “Southside” group’s beliefs.

“Our families have intertwined through the years,” Graham says as he reflects on their friendship. “Rich’s son and my son are best friends. Sean’s daughter is like my niece. All our wives get along.” He believes that having all their families come together strengthens the bond of brotherhood between them.

Spending quality time together and making plans for the future is important to them.

Discussions about vision boards and bucket lists are what ultimately lead the friends and their wives to take the plunge and be a part of Below Deck Mediterranean. “We called the show and said hey we’ll go ahead and do this,” Foote explains. “And a couple of months later, we were on the mega-yacht.”

Being on camera didn’t prevent them from being themselves as they enjoyed their vacation.

When sharing experiences about what it was like to be on the show, Bramwell said, “As far as the cameras, it was all-natural. After the first couple of hours on the boat, it was like they weren't there. We just kept it moving.”

Be sure to check out the full interview below.