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Political Commentator Jeff Skinner-Perkins Shares His Thoughts on Joe Biden and the 2020 Election

The election is less than two weeks away. The polls say that Democratic Nominee Joe Biden is ahead but we learned from 2016 that polls don't always matter. We recently spoke with political commentator Jeff Skinner-Perkins about his thoughts on the 2020 Election, the Vice President Debate and what's next for the country after the election.

Jeff shares his thoughts on why Joe Biden hasn't led with his policies and plans.

A part of the ambiguity in Biden's policy and plans. Why that hasn't been the most forefront of his candidacy is he is picking apart moderate republicans. A part of his coalition isn't just democrats. You don't build a 14 point lead with just democrats. You do that because you've also gotten disaffected never Trump republicans. And when you start to lead with democratic policies, that segment of people start to give Trump a second look. That's why he hasn't led with a lot policies.

Jeff also believes that some people are for the controversy that Trump brings because it helps their business.

After November 4th, after inauguration day, where is my content? When you begin to look at stuff through that lens, a lot of people profit from being anti-Trump. A lot of people profit from a Trump presidency whether directly or indirectly and I think that sways their public or front-facing opinion about the candidates.

Jeff also believes that there is a positive to Trump's presidency.

That is the silver lining. We literally stayed home in 2016 because we thought the election results were a foregone conclusion. These past four years have exposed what it is like to have someone in office who should not be in office. Who is unprepared. Who is all in this for themselves.

Check out the full interview.


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