The Standout Menswear Trends for Spring 2021

Fall's fashion month was...interesting to say the least. Not only was the annual series of shows completely upended by COVID-19, designers were forced to figure out new ways to present their collections in a time of great uncertainty, while also lacking the typical structure that usually determines when, how and where a fashion presentation will be executed. Despite the upheaval, most major menswear brands managed to produce full collections for the Spring 2021 season and, surprisingly, many of them featured vibrant, exciting looks that were stark contrasts to the grim reality of the world's current state.

Our fashion editor, Aaron Campbell, dissected the Spring 2021 menswear collections; here are six standout trends to incorporate into your wardrobe next spring.

Suiting Takes 2020

For most of the second half of the last decade, streetwear dominated menswear runways. However, the tides have changed and Spring 2021 has cemented the return of tailored looks to the forefront of men’s fashion. While suits were a mainstay at most fashion presentations this season, most did not come in the traditional form from years past. In fact, it was clear that they were designed with a strikingly modern feel, reflecting the many societal shifts that have defined 2020. In tune with the fact that, due to the pandemic, many of their customers currently work from home and have limited opportunities to dress formally, many designers offered unstructured, relaxed takes on the classic menswear staple. Shorts also replaced the standard trouser in many of the season's suit looks, allowing opportunities to wear tailored pieces informally during daytime or outdoor events.

Fear of God Photo: Gregory Harris/Courtesy of Fear of God