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Marcus LaBon Also Known As The Cleaning Guru Launches a New Candle Line Called 4 AM Home Collection

Marcus LaBon aka The Cleaning Guru rose to popularity with his company Riches Luxury Cleaning services and now has added another title to his growing list of influences.

Over the past few months, he has been working hard to develop his new line of candles called The 4 AM Home Collection. This past Sunday, Marcus officially launched 4 AM Home Collection with an event in Atlanta. Guests had the opportunity to enjoy such scents as Obsession, Serenity, Entrepreneur Gold and more to round out the line's 7 fragranced candles that were available for purchase at the Sniff and Sip Launch party.

Marcus spoke about the significance of what 4 AM was for him and why he chose to give his line the name. "4 AM is my creative hour and actually started out as a t-shirt line. I was creating my own images to express different moods on the front of a t-shirt to inspire people to wear clothing that was connected to someone they actually knew. I didn’t have a lot of time to invest in it so I set it aside. Later on, in the year I moved to Atlanta and started my cleaning company, I knew that I wanted to keep the name and do something with it. I absolutely love candles, I light about 10 a night in my own home. So I decided to start a candle line."

When we asked Marcus about his launch event, he said "The launch of my event was unbelievable. The amount of love and support I received was totally unexpected. I’m so pleased to have friends and supporters that genuinely want to see me win. Everyone who was in the room belonged there. There is no greater joy as a creative or entrepreneur than to witness and know that people really love your product enough to invest time and money into it. I’m forever humbled and grateful for that."

There is a candle that suits every person and every mood. Check out 4 AM Home Collection online to purchase your own.

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