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Singer/Songwriter Major. Lends His Voice to BET'S Voting Initiative

With one of the most important elections for the future of our country weeks away, registration and voter encouragement drives are more prevalent than ever. Recently, celebrities have used their platforms to raise awareness. Singer Major. partnered with BET Networks for their National Black Voters Registration Day that urged our community to get out and vote.

When we talked about why his collaboration with BET was so important, Major. says:

That was the first annual Black voters day and it was really to encourage us African Americans to get to the polls, to get registered so that we can have a voice in the conversation. What's been happening is you get a lot of people that are pissed off at what's not going right, but a lot of people are not apart of making the change. The way we make the change is by making sure we are apart of the voting power and you do that by registering to vote. Our ancestors fought too long and hard for this opportunity. Less than 60 years ago that wasn't a luxury and now it's absolutely available to us. Let's start voting. Let's make sure our voices are heard.

Why do you think that this year is more important than any for us to get out and vote and specifically target our Black men to vote?

2020 has revealed the value of us being engaged in demanding and moving forward the change that we need, I don't know what other examples you need. The only positive I can thank this administration for is revealing the racism and the bigotry. It's starting to reveal who is not for you and who is for you and that's on both sides. When people start to think something is going to take away their privilege they start acting up and their true colors start to show.

How can people funnel through fake news?

Remember to do your research on your candidates. A lot of people are repeating things that they heard. We need to get out of the space of repeating what we heard when we can't back it up. We will perish without knowledge. Do the work. It is not difficult to go to the candidate's website and see their plans and initiatives.

To hear the full interview see below or for more on Major. check out his on Instagram, check him out here.

To catch Major. and other celebrities lend their voices to BET's voting initiative, visit their Instagram.


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