Grammy Award-Winning Songwriter Kameron Corvet Releases New EP "Kathy's Basement!"

In 2018, Kameron Corvet started strumming the melody for Don’t Make Me Wait on his guitar. The Grammy Award-winning artist, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and actor, never imagined that song would take him on tour with the two musical legends, Sting and Shaggy! The song would become an international hit, peaking at #1 on the Reggae Charts in over 14 countries, winning the iconic duo a Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album. A songwriter, composer, vocalist and guitar virtuoso, Kameron is most riveting when he's performing.

Although the global pandemic has slowed down Corvet’s international touring schedule significantly, it’s carved out more time for him to complete other projects like Kathy’s Basement, an EP inspired by and dedicated to his mother. "Growing up in Baton Rouge and Cincinnati, the houses we lived in didn’t have a basement. My mom’s dream was for us to have a basement so we can run around inside the house and just be free! As I got into music, I imagined having friends over for jam sessions. I always dreamed of buying her the house with the basement once I “made it” and while I’m still making my way, I wanted to give her a basement figuratively."

On Friday, October 23rd, Kameron celebrated the release of the Kathy's Basement with an intimate Acoustically Yours release concert which goes live on his Instagram page