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John Henry Tells Startups How to Raise the First $1 Million of Venture Capital

One thing social media has done was give us access to the movers and shakers in their respective industries as they document their lives, creative process, and deals that are made. A major standout is former doorman turned entrepreneur, John Henry. Henry, who sold his first business by the age of 21, has gone on to help develop Harlem Capital and host his own show, Hustle, on Viceland.

When he is not giving keynote addresses, building businesses, or getting his hands dirty with his properties, John is dropping free knowledge across his social media channels, and his latest youtube video is no different.

Watch below as John goes through a step by step breakdown of the exact tools that are needed, how to craft materials, and who to reach out to in order to raise your first $1 million of VC funding for your startup.


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