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Future Puts on His Design Hat With the Release of "Life is a High" Clothing Line

"Life is Good" rapper Future has turned lyrics into sketches with the release of his new clothing line, "Life Is a High." His new streetwear line, created with designer Fred Foster, director of merchandise for Future's Freebandz label and founder of the brand Cease and Desist, consists of 16 unisex pieces inspired by the rap star's life and music.

Photo: Life Is a High Collection/WWD

The clothing line consists of relaxed clothing items such as t-shirts, sweatpants and hoodies that feature uplifting messages aligning with Future's "Life is Good" mantra. The rapper stated, "...It’s a blessing to wake up another day and have the chance to better yourself it’s easy to forget that with all the madness happening in the world."

Photo: Life Is a High Collection/WWD

The collection, which is already available for purchase, follows the release Future's most recent studio album, "High Off Life," and prices range from $45 to $168.

Photo: Freebandz LLC

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Nikaa Haris
Nikaa Haris
20 dic 2022

Recently, I also thought about opening my own clothing brand, I began to prepare blanks, sketches. The templates helped me a lot, thanks to which I managed to create interesting sketches that came to life very soon.

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