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Actor and Rapper Terayle Hill Capitalizes Every Opportunity That Comes His Way

When you have someone who is hungry and passionate about opportunities, they do everything in their power to leave a lasting impression on their audience. We’re talking about none other than Terayle Hill. Hill has been in the acting industry for quite some time now, and already he’s a force to be reckoned with. The west coast born actor/rapper talks about how he came to Atlanta and seized every opportunity he could while attending Clark Atlanta University. He also talks about how acting prepared him for the industry he already loved; rap.

What inspired you to go into the music industry? How has your experience as an actor prepared you for your music venture?

Ironically enough, I’ve been rapping for years – years before I even gave acting a serious thought. I took it really seriously in the tail end of high school, but my belief in myself actually succeeding as an artist changed. I went to Clark Atlanta University in 2012. Just a year and some change, I was committed to rapping and I lost every ounce of confidence in myself once I started performing around the city. I decided to just keep my penmanship up just in case I could receive an opportunity to make some money writing for other artists in the future.

I started acting in independent productions while attending Clark, and that’s when I fell in love with acting. However, I do believe that acting as given me a different approach to the music industry. I feel very free to give people whatever comes to mind without having to worry about whether people love it or not. When I wrap a television show or movie, I have to sit for (sometimes) a year before I hear feedback about my performance. So, I’m not afraid of critique and that’s made me feel even freer in the booth.

Being from the West Coast, what are some things you learned and realized about ATL aka The Black Hollywood?

Atlanta feels like a gold rush right now. Don’t get me wrong – hard work is the only way you can maintain a living in the entertainment industry anywhere, but it’s an amazing place to ground yourself and hone your skills while waiting for that “big moment”. There are enough unity and creativity around to where the opportunities to build something solid with people who are like-minded are endless. It’s not always like that in other markets.

Based on today’s climate of new faces in music and film, what aspects of diversity do you bring to the table that will make you stand out and be a staple in years to come?

I like to think as an overall entertainer, I have a wide range of capabilities. Only time and opportunity will tell if that’s true or not. But I’m willing to show Hollywood and the music industry what I can do to the best of my ability. I don’t think it’s one specific thing in particular, but I’m willing to discover what that all it is and give it to the world.

What can we expect from you musically in the future? How will you leave your impact on the culture with your talents?

I plan on releasing a project in February 2021! As far as the overall impact, I hope to bring a familiar essence of versatility back to the industry. I personally have goals to accomplish what I’ve seen only a few OGs accomplish. I’d like the career that Jamie Foxx, LL Cool J, Will Smith, Drake, and a few other multi-talented artists got to enjoy it. I watched them all make powerful transitions from one side of the industry to the other and affectively use their platform to venture off into entrepreneurial endeavors. That’s the road I’d like to walk on. I don’t care about the accolades, but I will capitalize on any opportunity I receive.

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