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Indulge in Some Self Care With These Products for Your Skin, Hair and Teeth

Do you love it when you see someone with an amazing smile? Do you love seeing people with amazing and flawless skin? For me, the answer is yes. The truth is for most of us, we work hard to ensure our smile and skin are right but of course, we can't do it alone. Here are a few of the Black-owned brands that ensure we look how we feel.

Holly Hall Supply Co., a Black-owned, dermatologist-developed line of products created with the goal of making high-quality skincare less intimidating and more accessible. Holly Hall provides Free Shipping in the U.S. and Dermatologist developed and tested, Paraben free products that are great for anyone with skin.

Beard Game is one of the top-selling men's beard grooming products on the market today. With products that have been tested and approved, if you use each product, your face and your beard will thank you.

Tress Organix is an all-natural product line was designed to revitalize damaged hair strands into stronger, longer tresses. By focusing on nourishing the scalp and the consistent moisturization throughout the follicles, Tress Organix products are designed to strengthen all hair textures with proper treatment and daily maintenance.

Tackle stubborn hairs and boost smoothness and shine with the product that’s also designed to keep oils and moisturizing products close. Wave Glyder is a handheld styling tool that helps men achieve their smooth, wavy hair patterns outside of the barbershop. Created by a veteran barber who knows the needs of men’s naturally wavy hair, the Wave Glyder eliminates the traditional practice of using a plastic bag and smoothing pad.

Buttah unites the best of nature and science in highly effective products for both women and men, formulated to reveal more radiant results. Each Buttah Skin product targets the issues we face every day - dryness, discoloration, oiliness, and blemishes with simple, proven-effective, good-for-you ingredients that leave your skin glowing, healthy, and renewed.

The Smile Natural Products team is a group of entrepreneurs from Southern California with a passion for health and wellness. After struggling to find an ethical, big-brand hygiene company, they decided to create their own. All of Smile Natural Products have been thoughtfully designed with non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients to provide a healthier and friendlier hygiene solution. When we started Smile Natural Products, we laid out three key goals to guide our company: design products that make people look and feel great, Sustainably source products and packaging, Do awesome things for our community and the world!


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