These Black-Owned Restaurants Opened for Business in the Midst of the Pandemic

When we prepared to usher in the new year, most of us had plans beyond our wildest dreams. We were determined to take our visions, goals, and destiny into our hands and do everything in life that we have ever planned on doing.....but then coronavirus came. To some of us, it seemed like the end of the world but to others, it was an occurrence that would not stop us from walking into the greatness that we promised ourselves. One thing that we all had to do, no matter what was going on in the world, was eat. We have compiled a list of restauranteurs around the country that would not let COVID-19 keep them from opening their doors and serving their community.

UJerk - Cleveland, Ohio

What was the driving force behind opening UJerk during a global pandemic?

The goal was actually to open up the restaurant in March, unfortunately, because of the pandemic, we had to postpone it until July.  At the beginning of the year, my business partners and I set out to open up this restaurant, and pandemic or not, we're getting it done. That was the driving force. Not only stating what I was going to do but more importantly accomplishing what I set out.