Alabama State's Orlando Arnold Spearheads Black Sports Agency

Prospective NFL athletes every year make a decision on agents after their college season has culminated. 

Enter Orlando Arnold, a business owner of Pyramid Sports Group based in Miami. These days, Arnold is selected by top-notch athletes to lead them in the business of professional sports. And before you know it, it is Arnold who is answering questions pertaining to where predraft training is located. The former Alabama State athlete turned businessman then identifies locations such as Miami or sites in California -- places he had previous athletes frequent in preparation for the draft.

Flying to these locations could be the next step for Arnold in an effort to ensure the predraft training process, an eight- to 10-week process at a high-end facility, is running smoothly, yet expeditiously. But Arnold isn't just in the business of football, he's into mostly every other sport.

On the amateur's advisement side of things -- this is mostly baseball -- Arnold is working with both the athlete and parents, ensuring athletes know which baseball tournaments will get them in front of the most scouts, as well as fortifying the full process leading up to these tournaments.

Arnold is also no stranger to calling companies and organizations for athletes who want to be an ambassador for causes that hit home. One of his clients is an ambassador for the American Cancer Society.