4 Black-Owned Beer Brands For You to Know

Yesterday was National Beer Lovers Day. Beer is one of the oldest known and most enjoyed alcoholic beverages. Coming in closely behind water and tea, beer continues to dominate the adult beverage industry throughout the world. While most people have their go-to brands, we wanted to share a few Black-owned brands for you to check out the next time you think of picking up a pint.

18th Street Brewery

18th Street Brewery was founded as a home brewery by Drew Fox in 2010. After years of hands-on learning and exploration, 18th Street Brewery became official with the release of SINISTER DIPA in 2013. Shortly after the SINISTER release, we opened a 3,200 square foot brewpub in an old dry cleaner’s building in Gary, IN. Quickly outgrowing that space, we purchased a 32,000 square foot warehouse in Hammond, IN. Our Hammond location now houses our production, packaging, barrel program, a taproom and a full-service kitchen. Our original Gary, IN now houses a small 10-barrel open fermentation system, as well as a taproom, craft cocktail bar and kitchen. 

Rhythm Brewing Company