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Black is Beautiful. Black is Resilient. Black is King: Beyonce Paints a Powerful Image of Black Men

“Long live the king, you a king you know it. King already my baby you know it. Top everything, everything you know it. Mind, body, soul, got a king body”. Beyoncé sang these lyrics so beautifully and made this song a powerhouse statement. She stated what a king is. She spoke what a king has and is capable of. She spoke power into the Black man and the king spirit inside of him. Now, more than ever Black men need to know how important they are to this world. With senseless murders happening all over the country to Black men, its time someone loved on them and protected them. We need to uplift Black men to a level like they haven’t been before. This was portrayed in Beyoncé’s Black Is King documentary.

When this documentary came on, many people around the world anticipated what powerful images and statements would be spoken in it. My first impression was the imagery. The imagery in this film was so vibrant and so Black and beautiful. It showed millions of viewers how excellent and uplifting Black people are. But let’s talk about how it portrays the Black kings. Since the 19th century, Black men have been portrayed as the bottom of the barrel and much more. It is sad how relevant these terms are today. So, you can see how uplifting it was for Beyoncé to paint a picture of excellence behind the Black man’s name and image. It was uplifting because it showed us how even from our African roots, we were birthed as kings. Our ancestors prayed prayers of protection and power over us since the beginning of time. That is why we honor our African ancestors and we are the fruits of their prayers. It’s so relevant today. What we also see in Black Is King is how it’s depicting a young African king’s journey through betrayal, loss, love, and self-identity. This is something that not only Black men, but all people experience. What stands out is how through this young king’s journey, his ancestors are his guide along the way. To help him, encourage him, and to uplift him. If we show this same behavior to our people, and our Black king’s, just think of the places we’ll go. The mountains we’ll reach with each other. The limits are impossible.

What we also can’t forget is the stunning and vibrant fashion statements that were also shown in this film. With Beyoncé’s visually stunning dresses and one-pieces, she continues to show us why she is a fashion icon. However, the men were the fashion powerhouses in this film. From vibrant summer colors to authentic African Kente pieces, its apparent why these styles are reinventing themselves time after time. So not only are we black kings, we can seriously dress down to the bone, you hear me!

Watch Beyoncé's Black Is King now on the Disney+ App. Happy Birthday, Beyonce!


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