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Aaron Henderson Releases "Fight On", A Visual Interpretation of African American Spiritual

As our cultural value continues to increase, so does the need for more art that reflects our history and our future. Aaron Henderson, artist and father of Omarii and Onaje Henderson, owners of Atlanta's Zucot Gallery is releasing his new book of art entitled Fight On.

Fight On is a visual interpretation of African American spirituals. Based on Aarons's perception of these spirituals, the book includes 59 pieces of original work along with 56 religious song lyrics and narratives by art and culture scholars as well as Mr. Henderson. Mr. Henderson, someone who prides himself on education, has continued to gain knowledge about the songs and the people who created the songs by understanding who they were. With all of the songs he listened to, he realized that he very rarely heard songs about hate but rather encouraging other enslaved folks to fight for the freedom they know they deserved. The songs were used as affirmations by the younger enslaved folks. The book also includes the books that he did the research from and he shares them in hopes that more people would be willing to learn our history.

"This is another part of our history that we are letting die away. If you look at all of us and where we are today, we are the descendants of the people who they could not kill even though they tried. We need to start recognizing the people whose shoulders we are standing on. We need to recognize this piece of our culture which is the songs." - Aaron F. Henderson

Aaron F. Henderson

You can purchase Fight On here.

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