Atlanta's Zucot Gallery Says Black Art Can Have "Intrinsic Value and Financial Value"

Oftentimes, when our community thinks about wealth, most of us think about finances, property, and different forms of investments. Art is one of those investments that are sometimes left off of the list. We see art for its beauty but we don't always understand its true value. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to meet Onaje Henderson at an event I attended at Zucot Gallery located in Atlanta's Castleberry Hill neighborhood. I had no idea, at the time, that he along with a few other gentlemen owned this establishment that was filled with people and art that looked like me and reflected things I was familiar with. I also had no idea the amount of knowledge I would gain by meeting him years later along with his father Aaron Henderson who is also one of the featured artists and brother of Omari Henderson who along with Troy Taylor are partners in the gallery.

Started in 2008, Troy Taylor saw a void in our community and opened Zucot Gallery as a way to begin filling it. In 2011, Taylor decided to partner with the Henderson brothers who had already been successful in the art industry. With this new collaboration, the goal was to focus on creating an atmosphere that would be inviting, not intimidating, and allow art lovers to understand what they are buying while creating an experience that is bound to enlighten.

Zucot began to focus on exhibiting the work of Black and Latino artists while educating the artists on their product. They also believed in educating the patrons to become collectors while providing outreach within the community. Over the years, Zucot, one of 65 Black-owned art galleries in the United States became the largest art gallery in the southeastern region, boasting over 3,500 square feet of art from the world's most talented artists of color. Galleries such as Zucot have become an instrumental part of an artist's journey. They help to develop artists, exposing them to collectors which in turn increases their value. Zucot Gallery has curated many great events such as their Art Tastings, which not only introduce the collection of artists to the people but also teach you how to collect, why to collect and what to collect. These events have allowed them to not only continue to engage with the local community but expand their reach to a broad community of international art lovers.