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Traveling Without Gadgets? Yes, It’s possible

We have to admit that the gadgets we use most frequently have made our traveling experience much easier. However, not so long ago people have traveled without any gadgets at all is still they had a great time. How was that even possible?

At those times you actually had time to enjoy your travel and there was no need to check your YouTube channel or Instagram profile every moment. There was no need to stop every few minutes to take a selfie. People were just enjoying the moment. 

And this is one of the things the modern travelers will miss the most. They are so preoccupied with their gadgets that they miss the magic of traveling and meeting new people and places.

So, the question now is – Is it still possible to travel without all our gadgets and have a great time? Can you leave your gifts for tech-savvy dad and moms behind and just enjoy your travel without these? The following tips will show you that it is still possible and at the same time you will feel all the benefits of the digital detox. 

Print out your important documents

At the beginning, simply print your ticket and boarding pass. Of course, you can print out a copy of all the important documents you feel you might need if something happens. Just make sure that they are easily available to you the moment you need them. Most people have all these in their phones so this is just the first step of being independent of technology.

Learn about your destination from a travel guide book

Do you want to learn something about your destination? Don’t search for it online. Instead, buy a travel guide book and you will find everything you need to know about the place you are traveling to. You can also take some notes about the destination and organize these important details in a notebook. 

Use a map instead of your navigation app

Wherever you go you can easily buy a foldable map of the city. You can get these maps in the tourist center and they will actually help you find your way around your destination. In most cases, the map will have printed the most important places to visit in the town so it will be easy for you to plan your router.

Don’t know the language? A phrasebook is a great help

Now it’s time to forget about Google translate. Just take out your phrasebook and you will be able to say “How much?” and “Thank you” in a minute. We don’t have to mention all the other useful phrases in the language spoken at your destination. One more thing, don’t worry too much whether your intonation is going to be perfect. People can tell that you are a tourist so it’s not really a problem. 

Books and board games will make the time fly

If you are worried about how will you survive your long trip without dying from boredom, here is a nice solution – read a book! Always bring some good books with you, they will definitely grab your attention and you will enjoy your flight for sure. Another good idea to get you occupied is a crossword book or if you aren’t traveling alone then you can bring some board games with you. 

Try not to think about work

If you are thinking about your job and think about how they can get in touch with you in case of an emergency, just stop thinking about it. You are on vacation! There is nothing so important that you have to be available all the time. However, before you leave make sure the people you work with have clear instructions on what to do and who to contact in case of emergency. If you do this, you can relax completely!

Use a phone booth to call your family and friends

We all like to publish photos on our Instagram stories about the places we have visited. It is also making us feel safer if people we love know we are having fun and where we are. However, you can easily make phone calls back home from time to time. Finding a phone booth or a call center for international calls is not a problem, wherever you are. It is also good to buy some prepaid cards you can use to contact your friends and family.

Today it has become almost unimaginable to travels anywhere without our smartphone or other gadgets. Most people will find traveling without these items quite difficult and tiring. However, if you are ready for a new adventure it is definitely worth trying to travel without your precious gadgets. We are sure you will experience your trip in a completely new way and your memories about it will be completely different and better.


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