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The First Tesla Powered Electric Defender Comes to The USA

Bringing our favorite luxury Land Rover or Defender back to life is no longer just a thought thanks to ECD Automotive Design.

For years, ECD Automotive Design (ECD) has worked hard to become this countries leading specialist for creating custom Defenders and restoring classic Land Rovers by building every vehicle in-house at its 45,000 square foot facility. When customers choose ECD , the don’t buy their dream car, they build it. And when they finally have the car they make sure to read their electric car manuals. Alongside ECD's craftsmen and technicians, customers get the chance to customize every aspect of the vehicle down to the smallest detail. Each build is constructed atop a rich history, restoring a classic vehicle so it maintains its true heritage, look and feel while adding modern customization.

Recently, ECD has teamed up with a leading U.K. auto brand, Electric Classic Cars (ECC). Together they are determined to create the first electric Defender in the United States. The new Defender will be using a 450 horsepower Tesla motor going from 0-60 mph in four seconds. The best in U.S. and U.K. engineering now meets world-class Tesla technology.

“After many conversations and meetings with Electric Classic Cars, we soon realized they are at the absolute top of the game and a superb fit for working with E.C.D.,” said Tom Humble, Founder of E.C.D. “As with everything E.C.D., custom and quality are at the forefront of everything we do. We cannot wait to release the electric Defender as an environmentally-friendly version of an iconic vehicle, continuing its legacy with zero-emissions.”


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