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Be Truthful. Be Powerful. Sammie Haynes Shows Us "The Art of A Real G"

When you see someone who is the epitome of a true gentleman, you learn from him. You also admire the work and the way he chooses to uplift, encourage and exude excellence towards all. That person is none other than Pastor Sammie Haynes of Vision Church of L.A. Not only is Sammie a devoted pastor, he is an author who has been eclectic in the industry for many years. From fashion to Sheen Magazine, onto Love Freedom Movement, Sammie continues to show us how to be a gentleman of all trades. He shows us "The Art of A Real G".

You’ve been active in many areas of life. From fashion to PR, to motivational speaking and now a pastor. What about your life experience led up to this exact moment you are experiencing?

Purpose! I have known from a child at the core of my heart ministry was the dream. I was not always sure of the how, the where, or the what; but what I knew for sure this day was coming.

Your new book The Art of A Real G explains how we can become the perfect gentlemen. Name a few important aspects from your book that all gentlemen should follow.

  1. A real G offers a firm handshake with no fear to look into the eyes of everyone he meets. Eye contact is the window to the soul.

  2. A real G surrounds himself with those who are committed to his joy and peace.

  3. A real G communicates. He seeks to build relationships directly and not hide behind social media posts or (it's going down in) the DM.

  4. Here is a quick bonus, a real G never sits with his back to the door. He is always in a position to serve and protect.

Tell me more about your experience as a pastor. How has faith been a constant force that has helped you along the way?

My faith has been the key motivator along the path of my new journey as a Pastor. The acceptance of this call to Pastor in Los Angeles, California came with much prayer and counseling to relocate to a new place with no family and few friends. However, in my life, I have made a few leaps in order to acquire what I believe was my next door of opportunity. Life has taught me, in order to discover to fullness of why you are here there must be a willingness to venture into the unknown.  My favorite quote, He will give you more on your way than when you start. The main objective is to just start. 

You state, "It's one thing to be a man, but it is another thing to be a man that is woke". What does that statement mean for you?

Living in the current tension of America as a black it is imperative to be inherently conscious of our existence and the power we possess within. To be woke is more than being awake and still laying in bed. To be woke is to lead with love, protect the sanctity of our black woman, be the father of our children, commit to leaving a legacy for black youth of the next generation to know and believe what is possible. To be woke is nullify the noise of the oppressor to turn a deaf ear of every obstacle stacked against us and win because black is majestic, brilliant and revolutionary.

Get your copy of The Art of A Real G here.


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