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Singer RL Talks Police Reform In Minneapolis and The Inspiration Behind His Song New "You Are"

Recently, we got the opportunity to talk to RL, one of the most distinctive voices of R&B Music's golden era and member of the group NEXT. Since he burst on the scene over two decades ago, RL is still thriving in the industry and getting greater with every experience he has learned along the way with the release of his new song You Are.

When it comes to being in the industry for over 2 decades, he shares his secret to making timeless music.

Just make fun music. Finding subjects that stick and really being passionate about your craft. I did an UNSUNG live with TVone and realized I had all of these stories. I realized I'm an OG and I say that with pride. It's a blessing to know that music has become timeless and classic. 23 years, I look back and realized that I didn't enjoy many of those years because I was so busy working and now I try to enjoy it.

When it comes to raising a Black Man, RL had this to say:

It's a conversation. It's not a teaching moment, it's examples. When my son turned 18, I took him to Blazing Saddles. I wanted to give him an understanding of no matter what environment you're in always be yourself. I need you to watch your surroundings. There are all types of lessons that he can learn from being around me.

Being raised in Minneapolis, RL shared his insight on police reform and what was going on following the death of George Floyd.

I'm proud of my city because we figuratively lit the match that sparked this whole evolution that is going on right now. There was a lot of fear and I wanted to make sure my family was safe. I don't want to be there while you're tearing the city down but I do want to come around to help you build it back up better and stronger. I went to meet with the police chief and we discussed police reform and why it's the way it is.

Check out the full interview below.

In the words of RL, " I wish you well, but I wish me" Make sure you follow RL and support his upcoming Solo Project(s) and collaboration with NEXT and Naughty by Nature. Visit RL online.


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