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Metta Sandiford-Artest Tells Us Why Buttercloth is His Go-To Shirt Brand

These days athletes are becoming just as synonymous with the fashion brands they wear as they are with the sport they play. Not only have athletes been more expressive about their appreciation for fashion as of late, brands too have come to understand the potential benefits of partnering with sports stars. One such partnership has been between up-in-coming shirt brand Buttercloth and their brand ambassador, NBA star Metta Sandiford-Artest (formerly Metta World Peace).

Buttercloth founder, Danh Tran, wanted to create dress shirts that were as comfortable as t-shirts, something that ultimately attracted Metta to the brand's products. The Quintessential Gentleman's fashion editor, Aaron Campbell, sat down with Metta to discuss his work with Buttercloth.

Metta Sandiford-Artest (Left) and Danh Tran (Center) on Shark Tank in 2018 Photo: Eric McCandless, ABC

How did you first hear about Buttercloth and what inspired you to invest in the brand? 

Honestly, I invested because I love their shirts. The first time I put on a Buttercloth shirt I remember feeling more comfortable than I ever had felt in a dress shirt before. I happened to be with some people who caught on to my reaction, and it kind of went from there; I actually ended up appearing on the show Shark Tank with the founder.

Tell us about appearing on Shark Tank. How was that experience and what was the response you all received?

The experience was great and working with Danh and the people on Shark Tank was such an honor because it is a huge show. Although we had a good time, we knew we also were there to get the deal done so that was something I was definitely thinking about throughout the experience. Fortunately for us, they liked the shirt and invested.

Buttercloth Icy Cotton Blue Peak Shirt Photo: Buttercloth

What qualities of Buttercloth clothing stand out most to you and why do you think their shirts are appealing to customers?

Buttercloth shirts stand out because they are so multipurpose. You can take a meeting in the shirt and then go play basketball and the shirt works for both settings; this is why they appeal to me. Buttercloth shirts are also wrinkle-free and sweat-resistant and have given me comfortable options to wear when I need to dress up. All of these things are important to me when I am shopping for shirts.

Athletes have become a lot more associated with fashion and fashion brands in recent years, what are your thoughts on this development?

I think it's great! Players like Russell Westbrook and others are so fashionable and it has been encouraging to see them expressing themselves through fashion. It has actually made me want to figure out other ways to get involved with fashion.

What matters to you most when you choose to partner with a particular brand?

Honestly, the main thing that matters to me is that the brand represents positivity. That is the biggest factor for me in making those types of decisions these days.

Buttercloth Icy Cotton Roxbury Park Shirt Photo: Buttercloth

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