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How To Tell When Your GMC Sierra Auto Parts Are Malfunctioning

Are you experiencing difficulties with your GMC Sierra? Your truck should offer reliable horsepower, fuel economy and handling in a variety of driving situations. A key part of preventative maintenance is understanding when parts are beginning to malfunction, so use this guide to troubleshoot common performance issues. Learn more about mass air flow sensor problems and other common signs your auto parts are malfunctioning.

Where To Find Correct Firing Orders for Your GMC Sierra

Correct firing orders keep your Sierra driving reliably. If there is an issue with your firing orders, you can expect issues with the idling and operation of your truck. Correct your firing orders by using a free online guide and the correct GMC Sierra auto parts. You may need to replace a spark plug or move a wire to another terminal, but a repair guide can assist you with diagnosing this repair issue.

Common signs of improper firing orders include incorrect firing, a stuttering engine or a complete failure to start. There may be a related error code causing your check engine light to illuminate.

Tell Tale Signs You Need Replacement Parts

There are other common signs to look for when maintaining your Sierra. Here are some common issues that may be signs that you need replacement parts:

  • Stuttering engine

  • Reduced fuel economy

  • Unresponsive brakes

  • Illuminated check engine light

Any of these symptoms can be caused by a number of damaged components. For more information about your specific issue and the replacement parts you need, consider picking up an error code reader or stopping by a local auto parts store to have the error code read.

A stuttering engine could be the result of improper firing orders, but it could also be caused by a bad mass air flow sensor, faulty throttle position sensor or an issue with your evaporative emission control system.

Fuel economy issues may stem from these two sensors and your evaporative emission control system, but they can also be caused by low air pressure in your tires, a dirty air filter or an exhaust system issue.

Your brake system is a critical safety component. Whether you’re pulling a heavy trailer or cruising through town with your family, stay safe by maintaining your brakes. Braking issues are most commonly caused by worn-out brake pads, though you may also need to bleed your brake lines and replace the fluid. If these don’t fix your symptoms of faulty components, check if your calipers are sticking or your rotors are pitted and warped.

Finally, your check engine light is a common symptom that alerts you of a number of issues with your truck. From a loose gas cap to major transmission issues, this warning light is an important sign to watch out for. It’s connected to your engine control unit, so an OBD-II scanner can give you a more accurate diagnosis of the damaged system.

Enjoy easy DIY maintenance of faulty components today with a free Sierra firing orders repair guide or other how-to guide online. Shop online to find the OEM and aftermarket replacement parts you need to keep your truck driving safely.


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