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Food & Lifestyle TV Host The "Flavor and Spice" Chef Showcase

Food & Lifestyle TV has continued to expand its reach with bold flavorS provided by its chefs and the overall aesthetics of this Black-owned studio. Tuesday has become a day where chefs gather at the studio to create their versions of culinary expressions at time. This past Tuesday, Food and Lifestyle TV hosted Flavor and Spice a chef showcase featuring spices from their sponsor Spiceology.

Chef Joe kicked the evening off with the appetizer. Inspired while at the Asian market, he prepared white tiger shrimp with bay leaf, grilled cajun escargot, green pea purée, and bay leaf dust. Rhaus, the mixologist who won last week's mixology competition, prepared cocktails featuring over a dozen ingredients. With sponsor Woodford Reserve as the base, Rhaus used such ingredients as lavender, hibiscus, chipotle seasonings and so many more. Chef Rhi and house Chef Robert Butts joined together to prepare the main course which included Hawaiian black salt Smoked braised pork belly, brown butter scallops, southern succotash, and bourbon cherry glaze. The pork butt with the crispiest skin I have ever tasted. Chef Brianna Riddock rounded off the night with her dessert. It was her take on strawberry shortcake. 5 spice poached bourbon cherries, strawberry puff pasty shortcake with white chocolate mousse finished with gold flakes. I heard it was a tasty treat but unfortunately by the time I got to it, it was all gone. I guess that is a good sign. Keep in mind that all food was prepared with Spiceology spices.

You can catch these amazing Live sessions on Instagram each and every Tuesday at 7 pm.

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