"Faith Of A Mustard Seed" Will Help Get You Through Your Mental Health Issues

Life coach and Houston native, Rashad Garrett is making strides in the modern world of mental health through his new app, FOAMS (Faith of a Mustard Seed). This Black-owned business has invented a user-friendly and more accessible method for telehealth. App users are provided one-on-one access to a personal therapy session from a team of psychologists, psychiatrists, licensed therapists, and life coaches.

Sessions are conducted via phone, video calls, and live chats, as well as providing users with the option of in-app messages to counselors. Self-help features are available and include free podcasts on self-help procedures from leading industry professionals. A 24/7 access to forums and discussions supervised by life coaches and special guests is another helpful feature.

In a conversation with QG, Garrett discusses how mental health became his life's work and offers advice on how to navigate through unique challenges created by the current pandemic.

What led you to become a life coach?

I'm struggling as a male myself to develop particular traits, and not having guidance made me want to. It made me want to go off deeper into what develops a person and what makes the person and how they become themselves. So from childhood to adulthood, I went back, did some research, and I was like, I would love to life coach.