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In The Kitchen With Chef Shaiheem Making Cajun Shrimp Florentine Tortellini (Tutorial)

Today, I had the opportunity to join Chef Shaiheem of The Guilty Plate Co. in the kitchen as he prepared a simple, yet delectable meal easy for all to prepare. Raised in Mississippi around traditional home cooking, Chef Shaiheem discovered his passion for cooking at the tender age of 12. Over the years, his passion increased and he eventually launched the Atlanta based The Guilty Plate Co. LLC, in 2016. During this time, he was at a point in his life where he was severely overweight and unhappy. He began meal prepping to lose weight and after creating amazing meals, friends and family suggested that he should go into business for myself. He truly believes that he was placed on this Earth to “Spread Light Through Food”.

To make his famous Cajun Shrimp Florentine Tortellini, get these ingredients and check out the step by step instruction video.


Cheese Tortellini 

Bag of medium Shrimp 

1 Large Lemon

Flat-leaf parsley

Spinach washed and drained


Cajun Seasoning


Parmesan Cheese

Cream cheese softened 

Heavy cream

Minced Garlic



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