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Black-owned Water Company Gets Distribution to Over 1100 Stores Nationwide

CellDration Water, one of only a handful of Black-owned premium water brands in the world, has partnered with The Kroger Co., Wakefern, and DPI Specialty Foods for distribution in over 1100 stores nationwide.

This partnership represents six divisions, spanning 16 states which include Ralphs, Smith's and Fry's.

Founder Rudy Byfield

"I have a deep and burning desire to foster an eco-system for health and wellness; it is my hope that CellDration lays a robust foundation for providing a sustainable and revolutionized hydration product for all to enjoy," said Rudy Byfield, founder of CellDration Water. "As a Black-owned premium water brand, I am keenly aware of the historic nature of these unprecedented partnerships which will expose our great tasting product to millions of water drinkers."

Utilizing a proprietary five step process, and founded at the nexus between nature and science, CellDration Water offers an enhanced, mineralized purified water with multiple value-added benefits.

Byfield and co-founder Richard Amrozowicz initially met with Kroger executives in 2018, presenting the water in a white label bottle to isolate the innovation-based taste difference, confident the product could hold its own in the company of other premium water brands.

After tasting the water at the first meeting, Kroger's beverage buying team agreed with the product's functionality on the spot, immediately moving forward with the historic distribution deal.

Within two and a half months on Kroger's shelves, CellDration Water sold over 4 million ounces, and over 300,000 bottles within the first six months - four times the projected sales goal and an incredibly promising start for a new brand market entry in the competitive beverage category.

CellDration's impressive May 2019 debut on the U.S. market marked a turning point in the company's evolution; over a decade of research and persistence had culminated in placement opportunities with major retailers in the USA. CellDration's next move is the expansion of distribution to all markets across the U.S.


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